Choosing the Right Toothbrush

posted by Dr. Beau Beecher, DDS on 11/29/2018 in General

Most dentists will provide a new toothbrush after each regular dental checkup. But when you need to replace your toothbrush before your next appointment or are simply interested in exploring your options, learn what you need to know about choosing a new toothbrush

What to Consider When Choosing a New Toothbrush 

Texture of Toothbrush Bristles: Soft, Medium, or Hard

When you are purchasing a new toothbrush, you’ll find that there are a variety of different bristles to choose from -- soft, medium, and hard. Most people choose (and most dental professionals recommend) a soft-bristled toothbrush, especially for those who are more vigorous about their brushing. Using a hard-bristled toothbrush can sometimes damage your gums, expose the tooth root, and even break down protective tooth enamel.

Toothbrush Shape and Size

You will want to find a shape and size — from the type of handle to the shape of the head — that is most comfortable for you. Select a toothbrush that can easily fit in your mouth and reach your teeth easily, brushing one to two teeth at a time.

For adults, the most effective and easy-to-use toothbrush commonly features a head a half-inch wide and one-inch tall. This particular toothbrush size will typically make it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas like the sides and backs of your molars.

Manual Toothbrush vs. Electric Toothbrush

There is nothing wrong with using a manual toothbrush, but an electric toothbrush is a good alternative for some. There is no substantial difference between the two in terms of cleaning your teeth effectively. However, electric toothbrushes can certainly make cleaning easier for those who have difficulty brushing or limited manual dexterity.

How Often Should You Replace Your Toothbrush?

It is best to replace your toothbrush every three months or when you first start to notice that the bristles are beginning to look worn or frayed. The quality of your bristles will determine how effective your toothbrush is at cleaning your teeth.

It is also recommended that you replace your toothbrush after you’ve recovered from a cold. The bristles can collect germs, so continuing to use that same toothbrush risks reinfection.

Get Toothbrush Advice From a Kimball & Beecher Dentist

Need more information on how to pick the perfect toothbrush? A Kimball & Beecher dentist can give you expert advice so you feel confident in your next toothbrush choice. Our dentists enjoy educating patients on how to improve their dental health. Take the next step in keeping your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy, schedule an appointment with a Kimball & Beecher dentist. 

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