The Benefits of Smiling

posted by Dr. Beau Beecher, DDS on 5/5/2023 in General

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Smiling is something we do dozens of times each day, often without even realizing it. But did you know this simple facial expression is something that can boost your physical and mental health? If that notion puts a smile on your face, read on to discover the different ways smiling is beneficial, and how the dentists at Kimball and Beecher can support your oral health.

3 Benefits of Smiling

When it comes to the benefits of smiling, there’s plenty of science to back them up. Here are three proven ways flashing a smile can improve your daily life.

Boost Your Mood, Reduce Your Stress

When you are in a good mood, you smile. But can smiling also improve your mood? Flashing your pearly whites activates natural chemicals in your body such as endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. The release of these chemicals can boost your mood, lower your heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels.

Laugh More

Smiling is usually a precursor to laughter. And laughing is an even more effective way to reduce your stress. In addition to releasing endorphins, laughter can increase your body’s oxygen-rich intake, which in turn helps your lungs, muscles, heart, and other organs function at optimal levels. That’s why so many doctors recommend laughing, even when you’re not in the mood. If laughing feels like a chore, start with a smile and see where it takes you.   

Create Better Social Bonds

Social and mental health are just as important as physical health. Smiling can help you bond with your friends and also help you meet new people. When you smile, it makes others feel at ease because you seem approachable and friendly. Next time you’re at a work or social event and want to meet new people, just smile naturally. It will help you relax and attract other people toward you.  

5 Tips to Improve Your Smile

Some adults may struggle to smile confidently. This can be because they are self conscious of how their teeth look. Whether you are one of those individuals or you are looking for simple ways to create an attractive smile, the following solutions can help.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

First and foremost, you want to be consistent with good oral hygiene habits. Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing at least once and using mouthwash will help keep your teeth in good condition. Consistent hygiene practices can also help prevent oral issues that can influence the health and appearance of your smile. 

Consider Braces or Invisalign®

If you want to fix the gaps between your teeth or straighten misaligned, crooked teeth, consider braces as a treatment option. Braces can also help minimize common dental issues that adults and children experience. 

If you don’t like the idea of metal braces or brackets in your mouth, you can opt for Invisalign. These clear, removable aligners gradually move your teeth into place. Your dentist can advise which option – traditional braces or Invisalign — is right for you.

Whiten Your Teeth

Are stains on your teeth holding you back from smiling? Over-the-counter whiteners from your local grocery or retail store can help whiten your teeth. However, for more effective and longer-lasting results, you may want to consider professional whitening services with your dentist.

If you live in Iowa, visit a Kimball & Beecher dental office. We have a variety of professional whitening techniques such as our popular Whitening for Life Program.

Change Your Diet

What you eat can affect your teeth and smile. Some foods such as blueberries and coffee are likely to cause short or long-term staining on your teeth. Other foods like sugar can weaken your teeth's enamel or structure. Weakened teeth are more likely to chip, crack, or break, potentially creating an undesired smile result.

Upgrade your diet to include fruits and vegetables that can strengthen your teeth, and do your best to reduce your intake of foods that can stain or weaken your teeth.  

Visit Your Dentist Semi-Annually

Whether or not you’re trying to improve your smile, it’s important to visit your dentist every six months. They can keep track of your oral health and provide suggestions on how to improve your teeth, gums, and of course, your smile.

Enhance Your Smile at Kimball & Beecher

Everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile. If you’re researching ways to improve your smile’s appearance, schedule an appointment with a friendly and knowledgeable Kimball and Beecher dentist. We can provide a suite of treatment options based on your dental goals, preferences, and budget. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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