Straightening your smile with braces, metal wires, or brackets

Everyone wants the perfect smile. It just doesn’t always come naturally for everyone. Orthodontic treatment is the process through which fixed appliances are used to straighten crooked teeth, close gaps and spaces, or correct a misaligned bite.

Talk to an orthodontist about getting braces

The most common form of orthodontics is braces. Brackets are bonded to the front of each tooth and attached to bands that wrap around each tooth to serve as an anchor. An arch wire is then attached to the brackets on each row of teeth. Tightening the arch wires uses gentle pressure to gradually move each tooth into the proper position. The process, the length of which varies from patient to patient, requires adjustments about once every month.

Are orthodontics right for you?

Whether your teeth require minor improvements or are in need of extensive adjustments, orthodontics can improve your smile and overall oral health. Orthodontics are generally recommended for teenagers and adults with overcrowded or wide-spaced teeth, overbites, underbites, and even crossbites. These issues can seem cosmetic, but they also impact functionality, affecting your ability to comfortably bite, chew, and speak.

Once the braces have been removed, patients will be required to wear removable retainers to maintain the new alignment of their teeth.

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