Andy Woodrick
Dec 28, 2023
Thumbs up from the kids!
Ryan Thorne
Dec 28, 2023
Best dental experience ever pain free.
Tyson Schwieger
Dec 28, 2023
Knowledgeable and accommodating. Very professional. Would highly recommend!
Laurie Corcoran
Dec 28, 2023
Great Dental Group, all the staff and Dentist are kind, considerate and professional. I highly recommend this clinic!
Lily Rottinghaus
Dec 27, 2023
Dr. Kimball is the best! I went in for a preventative procedure (replace a filling, not a big deal) but I was very anxious and scared. He helped put my mind at ease and feel calm. When Dr. Kimball administered the novicane shot, it was the least painful I have ever experienced and the procedure itself was quick and easy.
Stan Huhman
Dec 23, 2023
Over the past several months Dr. Kimball has been working closely with me with some rather new to me and difficult procedures. During this time he has been extremely patient, professional and understanding as he explained in careful detail what the procedures would involve, using models to help me better understand, and answering politely and in detail all the questions I have had, going over and above to not only help me understand but also satisfy my curiosity throughout the process. Let's not forget either the very professional staff working at the Waterloo who also go above and beyond in their care of the patients. I don't always get the answers I would like to hear, but they always have what is best for me in mind. I recommend Dr. Kimball wholeheartedly for dental work.
Jessica Graham
Dec 21, 2023
Nice staff, cool they can do a same day crown
Kristin Waltermire
Dec 21, 2023
I enjoy how friendly and kind everyone in the office is. Dr Ashley explains things very thoroughly and takes time to get things just right. She is very conciensious and pays attention to my concerns as well! I really appreciate the whole team!
Ray Yutzy
Dec 21, 2023
Always friendly and very thorough!
Shawn Vasichek
Dec 20, 2023
New to the area. Fantastic experience
Jo Apling
Dec 20, 2023
Everyone was so patient with my 95 year old mother! Appreciate the doctors and staff so much .
Dec 20, 2023
Always a great experience here! Very grateful to the staff, their communication, level of integrity, and consistency. These traits help any business thrive, and you all have my respect and appreciation. Thank you, as always!
Jami Farris
Dec 19, 2023
Everybody is so nice and they make sure you are very comfortable
Tasha McGrane
Dec 19, 2023
I’m am very pleased with Dr Nemmers. He is very nice and explains everything. The staff are wonderful!
Kathy Sapp
Dec 18, 2023
Fast, efficient & friendly.
Elvisa Dizdarevic
Dec 18, 2023
Great experience for our entire family! Dr. Kimball truly cares about his patients.
dalia fuentes
Dec 18, 2023
Great care and customer service. Highly recommend thank you!
collin ritzman
Dec 18, 2023
Great friendly people In and out in no time
Mike Scallon
Dec 16, 2023
I came in for a teeth cleaning recently. I like the dentist and had an experienced hygienist to clean my teeth. As she was finishing, she made a comment about me being an Iowa State fan and I offered that I was an Iowa State alumnus and proud of the degree and successes it brought me. At the checkout, she stated I owed over $100 and my insurance allows preventative care that is covered. I disputed and then she passed me on to someone with more experience handling charges. I just want to share my experience with others. It was a small prompt that she was not a fan of Iowa State. Just want to share my experiences with others. I like the dentist and don’t hold any ill well to the hygienist, but it wasn’t the exit that patients would want.
Mark Anthony
Dec 15, 2023
Wonderful experience! My hygienist Kenzie does a great job making me feel comfortable and does a very thorough cleaning! From the reception to cleaning and dr check it’s the best experience hands down!

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