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posted by Dr. Beau Beecher, DDS on 9/27/2021 in General

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No matter how straight your teeth are or how well you take care of them, they’re still susceptible to staining and discoloration. When you’re not confident in your smile, you might find it limiting you in other areas of your life. Learn more about the benefits of teeth whitening and the options available to help you transform your smile.

Why Don’t My Teeth Stay White?

While the color of your teeth might make you self-conscious, it’s completely natural for them to not be sparkling white at all times. There are a number of common factors that contribute to the color of your teeth. 


You might be surprised to learn that genetics affect the color of your teeth. Just like your hair or eyes, the color of your teeth can be hereditary. Before you rush to blame your parents, there are many other factors that have a much more significant impact.

Dentin, Enamel, and Age

When you look at the structure of your teeth, dentin is the hard inner layer that is protected by enamel. As you age and enamel wears away, the natural yellow or light gray color of the dentin becomes more prominent, causing the color of your teeth to change gradually over time.


By far, the most common reason for tooth discoloration is staining of the enamel from everyday food and drink. Some of the biggest culprits include:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Soda
  • Red wine
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco

Limiting your exposure to any of these can help lessen staining and help keep your teeth white. Of course, proper dental hygiene and regular visits to the dentist are critical as well.

5 Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Despite our best efforts to prevent it, some level of tooth discoloration is bound to happen naturally. Luckily, there are a number of different options to restore the sparkle to your smile. While you might consider whitening treatments purely cosmetic, the process can come with a number of benefits.

1. Self-Confidence Boost

Feeling good about yourself is important. If you’re self-conscious about your teeth, it’s going to affect your overall confidence. Whether you’re at work, speaking in front of a crowd, or on a date, insecurity about your appearance can creep in and limit your potential. 

In many cases, teeth whitening offers a virtually instant confidence boost. Not only will you no longer have to think twice about smiling, whiter teeth can also signal to others that you take care of yourself and care about your appearance.

2. Improved Oral Hygiene

Experiencing the benefits of whiter teeth can have an impact on your personal dental hygiene. After the treatment you may feel more inclined to take good care of your whiter and brighter teeth, making it a point to brush, floss, and keep your six-month preventative dentist appointments. Improved oral hygiene (or lack thereof) can even affect your overall health, making it all the more beneficial. 

3. Convenience

The great thing about teeth whitening is that it can be done on your own time. While you might think professional teeth whitening means extra appointments with your dentist, that’s not the case if you opt for in-home teeth whitening kits.

Provided by your dentist, these custom bleaching trays can be used at home, allowing you to maintain a bright and beautiful smile on your own time. During your regular six-month preventative appointments, your dentist can provide a complimentary touch-up kit to help keep your teeth looking their whitest and brightest.

4. Fast and Affordable

With an over-the-counter whitening kit, getting your desired results can take more than a month. It also requires you to be diligent with applying the treatment every day. Instead of spending time and money on unpredictable results, visiting a dentist for teeth whitening can have you walking out of the office within hours sporting a brighter smile.

5. A Safe Option

When you opt for professional treatment from a teeth whitening dentist, you can rest assured the health of your teeth is a top priority. There are plenty of over-the-counter products that can be effective, but when not used correctly they can lead to side effects including increased sensitivity, gum irritation, enamel erosion, and uneven coloring. Before you use any of these options, it’s best to consult with your dentist first.

Learn More About Your Teeth Whitening Options With a Kimball & Beecher Dentist

Your local Kimball & Beecher office has a number of teeth whitening options available to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Our professional staff is here to answer any questions you have about the process. Schedule an appointment today to take the first step toward a brighter smile.

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