Cosmetic Dentistry

Work with a cosmetic dentist to give your smile a makeover

Confidence starts with a smile. If you’re not comfortable with how your teeth look or feel, we can offer a number of cosmetic dental treatments to help re-shape your smile, whether it is the color, shape, or size that bothers you. We want you to have the beautiful smile you deserve!

Get the brightest and whitest smile

Brighter is better when it comes to your teeth. If you have stained or discolored teeth or simply feel they have lost their brightness, we can use a variety of teeth whitening techniques to restore their natural color. Our in-home teeth whitening kits are not only easy to use, but many of our patients have reported visible differences are only a couple weeks of treatments.

Cosmetic bonding can also eliminate the barriers standing between you and the perfect smile. Applying a tooth-colored plastic material to a discolored or chipped tooth can dramatically improve their appearance with a single visit to the dentist.

To discuss which cosmetic options are best for your smile, schedule an appointment with your local Kimball & Beecher office and we’ll provide you with a complimentary consultation.

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