Pediatric Dentistry

A pediatric dentist to make your child feel safe and comfortable

We understand that the dentist’s office may not be your child’s favorite place to go, but that is why we are committed to providing our most precious patients with a stress-free experience. We believe every child deserves to have a safe and comfortable experience while receiving high-quality dental care, so that we can help them grow a healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

It is the recommendation of Kimball & Beecher that you bring your child in every six months for a dental checkup. Even though we work with our children to eat and brush better, we know it takes a while to incorporate these habits into their daily routine. For this reason, we suggest dental exams on a regular basis so that we can catch any issues early on.

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It is never too early to start dentistry for your children

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists suggests that your child be seen by a dentist before turning one year old. Often these visits serve as a chance for us to meet your new child, allowing our dental hygienists to do a quick checkup and make sure everything looks normal. We also can discuss eating habits, fluoride, and other ways to protect their new developing dentition.

Regular oral hygiene is essential to your kid’s smile

Though they may be born cavity-free, kids can’t always avoid tooth decay. The best way to prevent it is with good oral hygiene and healthy eating habits.

The main culprit is food high in simple sugars, which bacteria uses to make acids which in turn leads to cavities. The best way to prevent this is to limit snacking between meals, giving the mouth a break. Saliva does a great job of neutralizing bacteria as long as we give it a chance. There are also foods that don’t promote tooth decay as much as others. String cheese, yogurt, and nuts are a few examples of snack choices that take it easy on your teeth.

Brushing after breakfast and before bed is imperative. Ideally, brush after each meal. When your child is brushing their teeth, keep a watchful eye to make sure proper teeth cleaning has occurred. For children younger than two years old, we suggest not using fluoridated toothpaste since you won’t be able to control how much they swallow.

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